Engine block, crankcase, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, cylinder engine case, all internal parts connected with the oil circulation, cog belt with a tensioning pulley, oil cooler, crankcase pit, oil pressure switch, oil filter case and flywheel/drive pulley with a ring gear.


Manual/automatic transmission

Manual/automatic transmission Gear casing, all internal parts including torque converter and actuating means of the automatic transmission.


Wheel drive assembly

Wheel drive assembly Axle drive casing (for front-wheel and back-wheel drive, all wheel drive) including all internal parts.


Force transmission shafts

Force transmission shafts Drive shaft, axel drive shaft, drive joint and traction control (e.g. ASR, ASC, EDS, 4Matic): speed sensor, electronic controls, hydraulic unit, pressure accumulator and pump.



Steering Mechanical or hydraulic steering ratio with all internal parts, hydraulic pump with all internal parts, el. auxiliary pilot motor and electronic structural components.



Brakes Master brake cylinder, power assist brake unit, hydropneumatics (pressure tank and pressure controller), vacuum pump, wheel brake cylinder on drum brake wheel, brake force controller, brake force limiter and from ABS: electronic driver, hydraulic unit and revolution counter sensor.

palivovy system

Fuel system

Fuel system Fuel pump, injection pump, electronic structural components of the injection system (e.g. actuating devices, air volume and weight meters), carburettor and supercharger.

elektricka zarizeni

Electrical devices

Elektrická zařízení Alternátor s regulátorem, elektronické konstrukční díly zapalování s předodpory a kabely zapalování, startér, elektrické rozvody elektronického vstřikovacího zařízení a palubní počítač.

chladici system

Cooling system

Cooling system Cooler, heating radiator, thermostat, water pump, automatic transmission cooler, visco and thermal fan, fan clutch and thermo switch.


Gas exhaust system

Gas exhaust system Lambda sensor, exhaust adapting pipe and attaching parts in connection with lambda probe replacement.

bezpecnostni system

Safety system

Safety system Airbag and safety belt control systems



Air-conditioning Compressor, fan and evaporator. Repairs can be performed by any authorised contractual service of your car’s make anywhere in Europe.

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