ŠKODA Financial Services Loan - Classic Credit

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The ŠKODA Financial Services company has prepared a special offer of financing using credit for used cars in the ŠKODA Plus programme. It is a standard loan but you do not need to go to the bank to get it, you can negotiate it directly with a ŠKODA Financial Services merchant; moreover, you will become the owner of the car immediately. The customer is the owner of the subject of financing from the beginning of the business relationship establishment and is recorded in the car registration book as the owner of the subject.

The advantage of the ŠKODA Financial Services credit is the fact that the accident insurance is not necessary (if the amount of credit does not exceed 300,000 CZK) and you can choose the repayment time from 12 up to 72 months. Another advantage includes the optional insurance in form of instalments with guaranteed fixed rates of the damage liability and accident insurance throughout the credit period. Considering the annual increase of the rates, saving of financial resources throughout several years is relatively high.

The customer can be provided with the following for the leasing price, i.e. in the monthly instalment:

  • accident insurance with 5 or 10% coinsurance with České pojišťovna or Kooperativa insurance companies
  • damage liability with Česká pojišťovna or Kooperativa insurance companies
  • baggage insurance
  • front window insurance
  • casualty insurance of transported persons
  • free assistance services
  • free ŠKODA Financial Services Assistant services

Credit conditions:

  • advance from 10%,
  • credit time from 36 to 72 months (depending on the vehicle age),
  • free contract signing,
  • car accident insurance does not have to be arranged if the amount of credit does not exceed 300,000 CZK
  • no guarantor is needed, just two identity document of yours are enough (ŠKODA Financial Services can eventually require additional documents).

APR from 8.7%

of ŠKODA Plus

ŠKODA AUTO a.s. certified dealer sales system

  • Free annual check-up
  • ŠKODA AUTO factory warranty
  • Excellent car insurance
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Used Car

Did you choose a car? We’ll help you finance it.

  • Low installment
  • Free of charge
  • No price inflation
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